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Earn digital rewards

A digital rewards app built for you:

Pearls are digital reward coins valued at $1 each.

Find them across socials and the media by scanning a QR or entering a code word using your personal wallet.

Earn pearls simply by doing things like:

  • Earn 10 pearls when you download and register on the app.
  • Earn 2 pearls when you invite a friend who registers on the app.
  • Earn them when you watch a video or play a new game on the app (coming soon).
  • Earn branded pearls (coins) from participating business through their promotions and deals.

Use your wallet to pay with pearls and a credit card in a single transaction in store or online.

Access daily VIP deals from all participating businesses in one place and pay with a tap. No risk, no fees, no worries.


Here is how it works:
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Find pearls and branded pearls / coins in socials
Businesses create digital coins and share them across socials and the media using QR or code-words.
Scan digital wallet
Scan or enter a code
Scan or enter a code into your wallet to receive up to 10 coins ($10 value) on each campaign.
free rewards
Collect & store
Collect, store and spend them at the shops and service providers you know and love with a single transaction.
Spend your rewards
pearls - spend

A digital rewards app built for you:

Spend your coins at the shops you know and love at $1 each.

Here is how it works:

  1. Scan a QR code in store or online to view the offer, terms and percentage of sale coins accepted at.
  2. Tap pay and the wallet does everything else.

It’s fully automated.

The wallet will calculate your available coins, apply them to your purchase and process them along with your credit card.

Just tap and go.

Safe, convienient and free

Pearls is a free rewards and lifestyle app designed for you:

  • earn, find and collect digital coins,
  • spend them at the shops you know and love,
  • join a trusted community,
  • a better way to earn and manage value.

earn more pay less

Join now and receive 10 free pearls (valued at $10).